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Helping us and those around our Community

Gaslight Lightshow is pleased to spread joy to the community with Fun/Funny Light Sequences.

The show will only evolve and grow as the years go on - We hope this becomes a tradition for our patrons to snuggle together as a family and enjoy these amazing shared moments.

Help us continue to spread the Holiday Spirit

Susan G. Komen

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide affecting millions of lives every year. Early Detection and Treatment can save lives, but many women lack access to quality care or awareness of the symptoms. Help join the fight - Ending breast cancer need all of us!


Giving Back Locally

Powered by xLights

While I am not looking to get competition, this hobby is not as difficult/complex as you may assume - thanks to xLights and their Free Software really anyone can get 'started'. These programmers work year round to keep the application up to date with new features/etc. and they work only on donations from those of us creating light shows, or those of you enjoying them.


Always Appreciate helping to keep the lights on

The above Charities are important to us.

We do this light show for the Joy that it brings, not as a business venture.

We have been asked to add this feature for those who wish to donate to the lightship directly, and appreciate any support, but it is most certainly not expected.

Donate Now

Help us make a difference


Thank you for your donation!

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